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Top 5 Ways To Make Your Shopify Store Stand Out

Feb 5, 2023

By Shubham Kushwah

Reading time — 6 minutes

Top 5 Ways To Make Your Shopify Store Stand Out at veonr blog by shubham kushwah

How your store looks is all that matters. Shoppers take into account all these little factors when making a purchase.

This is why it is so damn important to make sure you leave no stones unturned when it comes to providing the best personalized experience for your customers.

Here I have curated for you the top 5 ways you can make sure your store is in it's best possible shape - to generate you bread all year. ;)


  1. Aesthetics and design
  2. Helpdesk and Support
  3. Trust Badges
  4. Show off your best collection
  5. Tell them about you

1. Aesthetics and design

You know what they say... the better it looks - the more it converts. Umm... they probably don't say that but it's true that if your store looks professional, clean and engaging - then customers would feel like home. And are so much more likely to make a purchase solely because they trust you.

But why do they trust you? Well, since you have put so much time (as it seems) and effort (as it seems) into creating this beautiful experience for your shoppers. They feel it. They feel it all. It's like walking into Walmart and seeing a personalized Happy Birthday message just for you. When it wasn't even meant for you.

Here's a fact for you... 7% of shoppers don't care how your shop looks. Ahh that doesn't sound that interesting, let's reverse it... 93% of shoppers care about a well designed and polished website experience. And will hesitate to purchase if it looks unprofessional, shady and all over the place.

So, how do you go about making your shop look elegant? Well luckly there are not thousands of options. There's only a few correct choices here.

  • Option #1: Hire a website designer and get the exact look you're after.

This is the case if you already have a design in mind. Or sort of the idea. And are looking for someone to make it a reality. Or you have a very rough idea but want an experienced designer to build upon that foundation.

  • Option #2: Buy a template

This is probably your best bet. And definitely that's the most easy on time and effort. It's super easy to just get a theme and be going with it. Especially if you're using an eCommerce platform like Shopify. On which there are plethora of themes to pick from, and almost every single one of them is professional enough for you to get going.

And ofcourse Shopify has their own theme editor as well that lets you customize every bit of design as you wish to.

2. Helpdesk and Support

You need to offer your customers incredible support. You might think that this is not that important. But do not make that mistake please. Your customers need to trust you. They need to know that they can reach you if something goes south.

What if they purchase a product and it doesn't work. They should feel safe and at ease - knowing that you would take care of them.

If you provide your customers with Live chat support - they instantly get that trust. And they know that if you're talking to them when they haven't even spent a penny. Then you would definitely talk to them once they have.

I really recommend you integrate some form of live chat support tool. One of the favourite ones is Tidio Chat for shopify stores.

3. Trust Badges

These trust badges are simply User Interface improvement on your shop that boost the confidence of the buyer. When they see the payment providers that they trust. Whether it be Paypal or MasterCard - they feel secure. They know that you're not going to scam them through these official payment processors.

I would let the experts talk about the best trust badges in the industry. So here you go - a curated list of the best Shopify apps to setup Trust badges: Best Shopify Trust Badge Apps in 2022

4. Show off your best collection

Often times customers stumble upon your store from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. And what ends up happening is that they land on a product that you have on your store - but it's not one of your best work. It's far from the highlight. We know it's hard to maintain a huge collection of products. And make sure all of them are 5 star.

That just won't happen. It's simply not feasible to have 100 products and all of them being your MVP 5 start products. So, what should you do... well when a customer lands on any of the product on your store. You can show them your best collection just underneath as they scroll down.

Go ahead and setup a row of products on every single product page of yours. If you're using Shopify then it's even more simpler. You just have to install an app from the app store that provides the ability to add a Products Row. And it should take you less than a minute to go live with a dynamic & personalized collection.

We recommend the Product Page Modifier App for this, since you get the best quality support along with one of the best apps on store.

5. Tell them about you

What better way to break the ice than to tell your customers about yourself. Be genuine. Experiences are all about scenarios. So here's a scenario for you... Kevin is a customer. He's really really interested in the fishing business. He's been doing it for a long-time and it's a family tradition at this point for him.

He stumbles upon your website and really gets excited about your shop, where you're selling baits for the hooks - that they use when fishing. Your store has all kinds of shapes and sizes and colors. It's an amazing collection.

Kevin wants to partner with you for a long-term deal. This is massive revenue opportunity for you... so he wants to learn more about you and goes to find your About Us page. And welp, there isn't one. Oh no. Or worse yet, there is an About Us page - but it's half-written and there's no excitement in it.

So now Kevin knows that you're not really passionate enough. And decides to drop the idea. Or go on with another store who seems to have shown a bit more interest in the business.

That's just one scenario, remember you invest a day (maximum) and you have an amazing About us page ready for future scenarios like this...

Here's what to put on the About Us page to let them reach you:

  • Your contact email
  • Your social media handles
  • Your public phone number (if any)
  • Your address

And yes, ofcourse I can't leave you without a bonus. So here's exactly what to put on the "About Us" page: The "About Us" Page Broken Down: What Content Should You Include?

Although, remember to not fill up the whole page with too much content. Keep it simple. And clean.

Hope you liked this little journey with me. If you enjoyed this piece - make sure to subscribe to not miss out on future material. That is carefully handcrafted for you... and delivered right into your inbox.

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