Task Management for Creators

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Are you a serial maker, who is maintaining and developing multiple side-projects all at once, we understand it becomes extremely difficult to manage all that. Which is why we've built just the right tool for you. An all-in-one workplace for side-projects & your personal life.

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Focus on stuff that matters

Don't waste time in getting things together and finding lost documents, we understand that as a maker your time is valuable, leave the management to us, and enjoy this beautiful journey with this amazing kit, that gives it all to you on-demand and even more on request.

Everything under one belt

No more losing control on projects, and their status.

Easily track all your projects, all in one workspace. Never lose the sight of your true potential.

Take advantage of the awesome Random Task tool to give you a direction even when you're lost, procrastination are gone days.

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Dark Theme

We sure do hope you love your eyes, so do we. Experience the all inclusive full immersive dark theme with handpicked colors to protect your eyes from any strain during those long working hours.

Don't worry if you like the vanilla light theme, we support that too.

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Go in Detail

Don't just make tasks, go in depth of how you want to achieve that specific activity, jot down any length of description along with checklist items, and give your labels, and tags to identify them easily.

It really is your and only your workspace, customize everything, make it suite you better.

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Helpful Integrations

Endless possibilities with integrations, link together a bunch of your favourite apps, make them work in unison.

We take requests as well, so don't worry if you don't find your special integration, we'll sort that out for you.

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