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Task Management for Creators

Are you a serial maker, who is maintaining and developing multiple side-projects all at once, we understand it becomes extremely difficult to manage all that. Which is why we've built a personalized user friendly tool for you. An all-in-one workplace solution for side-projects & your personal life.

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Uptime Monitoring

Sites go down all the time, you can't prevent it. We monitor your website to make sure it stays up all the time. Otherwise any visitors are lost customers. Get instant alerts whenever your website goes down. Add multiple websites and notification methods, prevent bad user experience starting now!

Thousands of sites in real-time.

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Free Email Verifier

Whether you send cold emails or just any form of transactional emails, your sender reputation is not safe. Until you start using a dedicated email verifier. Do it manually for a couple emails, bulk verification, integrate our SDK directly in your code. Your choice!

Millions of emails verified every month.

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Free Shipping Bar

Do you have an e-commerce store? Show a simple banner on top of your page for boosting your sales & increase conversion rates. It could be as simple as: "Free Shipping for orders above $50". Dynamic amount and much more, full customization!

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Abandoned Cart Recovery

If you have an e-commerce store you know how much value and sales are lost due to abandoned carts by customers. Well, no more since we have just the right tool for you. Now recover all abandoned carts by notifying the customer to buy their order back.

Customize your messages with discounts and limited time offers.

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Pretty Code Share

Do you like sharing code snippets? Your code deserves some beauty, put it in the free code beautifier, and convert your code into a beautiful shareable image of your choice. Pick from glamorous range of colors, syntaxt highlights, fonts and themes.

Free forever. Bookmark it now!

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