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3 Things To Avoid In Network Marketing

Mar 19, 2022

By Shubham Kushwah

Reading time — 4 minutes

3 Things To Avoid In Network Marketing at veonr blog by shubham kushwah

Hello Marketers. Today we'll dive into a brand new topic. These are the things that can destroy your organization. If you don't have proper measures in place.

You do not want all your energy and time to go into a wasteland because of these poor mistakes.

You might be doing some of these already without even knowing that these are terribly bad.

Once you go through this article - you will be aware of the possibilities. And how you can avoid getting trapped in the loophole... Thinking you're doing everything right.

Through this article - I want to make sure you create long-lasting relations. And establish businesses that matter to the world.

Let's talk about them now...

What we'll cover

  1. Exaggerated Features & Overhype
  2. Inconsistency
  3. Negativity

1. Exaggerated Features & Overhype

I see a lot of marketers doing this all the time on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin. It's all out there. They are using words that the owner of the product wouldn't agree with.

Using words that overhype the product for the worse reasons.

They don't check with the brand beforehand. Which is really important. You have to make sure that whatever product you are pitching to the public... is perfectly aligned with the founder's vision.

You as a marketer cannot claim a feature of a product that doesn't even exist. That's false marketing and the public will see right through it.

You're not fooling anyone with fake promises.

I understand the idea behind it. What marketers do it so that they can sign bigger clients and get more eyes on the product. But if you really think about this strategy long-term. It's not feasible.

As it degrades your accountability and credibility. You want to establish trust among the people. And by doing this - you're doing the opposite.

Some examples of this happening are:

  • When a blog author reaches out to you for featuring your product. And they mistype any numbers knowingly or unknowingly. And you don't let them know of this mistake.

Let us say - you are doing $3k MRR. And the author writes it as "$5k MRR"

Even though it's very subtle - it's false information. And honestly, it's not even worth going in for the risk of it.

Stay True to yourself. And everything will be perfectly fine.

2. Inconsistency

Alright - does this sound familiar... you're motivated to change the world after watching the Steve Jobs documentary.

The next day you're pumped to get to work and tear these barriers. Getting the best possible results.

You repeat the same thing the next day as well... but then it's Sunday. You take a break. Which is alright - one needs to rest as well.

But then you DON'T come back strong on Monday.

And your performance almost vanishes for the next week. A few weeks pass by and this keeps going like a dead stallion.

You can back to sprint and it's a cycle on repeat.

This is why you have to be consistent with the work that you're putting in.

I know it sounds too obvious to point out. But the reality is - this is one of the major reasons why marketers fail miserably.

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3. Negativity

There are days we're all grumpy and kind of annoying. Marketers are all humans (as far as I know). And we go through various phases of life.

Which can bring out the tension to the outside world. To your team. To your close circle.

And that is really hurtful to watch. When the leader himself becomes this pot of negative thoughts. Spreading bad reputation about other people around the internet.

This is prominent when an enterprise goes through a change in development cycles. Or when the management decides to close off certain time blocks of the day.

And the people of the company get pissed off and start talking in a very negative tone. To everyone around them.

And this... believe it or not - gets into the culture of the company.

Understand this. It doesn't matter whether a decision was right or wrong. But it matters - how you react to it.


If you have nailed to get rid of all these deadly side-effects from your daily strategy plan. You have a great likelihood of success.

You cannot become a PRO Marketer without learning to ignore the negative. Without learning to embrace the boring.

You have to be consistent with your inputs. And patient with your results.

That's all folks for this one.

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