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How Mr. Beast Bootstrapped His Youtube Channel

Mar 15, 2022

By Shubham Kushwah

Reading time — 4 minutes

How Mr. Beast Bootstrapped His Youtube Channel at veonr blog by shubham kushwah

Jimmy wasn't even making money when he started. for the first few years.

And once he started making some. It wasn't much. He started making a dollar a day.

He saved up some money to get a good microphone. Continued saving more money and after about 6 months he was able to get a computer.

He was awkward. He had no funding. He bootstrapped his youtube channel. The one positive thing he had - obsession of youtube. The curiosity. The desire to constantly learn.

The very first video he has on his channel. Was a banger. An unplanned one at least.

He just uploaded it - just because. But it turned out that pretty quickly that video did around 20k views. Almost instantly.

Why was it an instant hit?

Well first of all - it wasn't planned to be an instant hit. He didn't craft the best title. Best intro. Best outro. Best script. No.

It's all because of the timing. Because the idea of the video was so interesting to the public.

As no one expected there could be a hacker in that game. But Jimmy's video was probably the first one that displayed that new concept to the audience.

He was playing this game called "Battle Pirates". And some hacked destroyed his base. This is when he was 11 years old.

Now that was the source of motivation for Mr. Beast. Once he saw that video blow up - now stopping here would be the dumbest idea.

So he did exactly what anyone in their right mind should do.


This is way before Youtube was really popular. You couldn't even monetize on youtube at that time.

So what was the point? Well consider it one of those "portfolio of small bets" kind of an investment. That Jimmy did on youtube.

Consciously? No. He didn't plan to go big as he is now. He didn't intend to make money even.

When he started. He just did it as a fun activity that kids do.


The progression was slow. Really slow.

First 100 of his videos. He didn't even have a microphone. He recorded videos on his brother's crappy laptop.

Up until he was 18 years old. He didn't make any money off of youtube. And he's consistently posting videos online.

Jimmy than graduates from high school. His mom gave him two choices:

  1. Either move out.
  2. Or go to community college.

He didn't have any money for moving out. And when it comes to school. He absolutely hated it.

Regardless of that. He was forced to join the community college.

The Plan

Because Jimmy hated college. He would act like he's going to the college. But sneak into his car and work on YouTube videos.

He would spend 15 hours a day.

Some of his videos did really good. By really good - I mean there's was a month where he literally made $20k.

What did he do that month? Some videos that he wouldn't openly talk about. But that doesn't make it less interesting.

Now note a point here...

He didn't study at all. Not one bit. During his high school.

But he kept all his focus on youtube.

You might say - well there it is. That's the reason why he's successful. And yes - you are correct. But to really understand how good this is. You have to realize...

A lot of kids didn't study. Not at all. Not one bit. But what did they do instead?

That's right. Nothing.

There's a difference. A massive one. Jimmy chose another path because he didn't like that one.

Other kids sat at home playing video games. And probably watching Jimmy's videos as well.

The winner is being talked about here. The reason is simple. He moved onto a path with dedication.


If you have an obsession over some field that might possibly make you happy and successful. Chase it.

No one should be able to change your decisions. Yes there are people who would think about your future - about the reality.

By assessing the risks - it's not a safe bet.

That's why it's worth a shot!

Go take your shot. And good luck!



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