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How To Capture Customer Feedback Effectively and Over Deliver? Short Guide

Jan 25, 2022

By Shubham Kushwah

Reading time — 3 minutes

How To Capture Customer Feedback Effectively and Over Deliver? Short Guide at veonr blog by shubham kushwah

Say you have a few customers using your SaaS application. Ready to be treated well.

How do you go about fulfilling their requirements so they remain happy with the service or the product that you are selling? This goes back to saying that onboarding more users isn't as important as keeping the current ones extremely satisfied.

Here I break down your actionable guide to 10 simple steps that are so brilliant that your customers will know I told them to you.

Send a warm email

Your customers know you. So you don't have to sound like you're selling something. Get them on a call for feedback. Be genuine.

Either a video call. Audio meeting. Phone call. Anything will do.

If your product requires screen sharing, prefer getting them on a computer and let them share their screen.

Record Transcript

There are a bunch of free tools out there which let you record the complete transcript of the meeting in a text format.

Which is easily accessible and you can go through it later on.

Your job is to clean that transcript and keep the good parts. Note them down as bullet points.

These are the key takeaways from the meeting.

You will note down - not only the things they're saying. But also how they said it. Were they happy? Satisfied? Bored? Pretending to be happy?

Pay deep attention to their feedback & emotions.

Prepare more

Based on how that meeting went. Now you have the superpowers to predict questions AND answers.

This is really powerful.

If there's an obvious improvement pending in your product. Do it immediately. Or get it done.

Schedule another call with another customer

You will now have to repeat the same process with your second candidate. Your second customer. But this time you're better prepared. You now know better.

But why not schedule another meeting with the previous customer to tell them you fulfilled their requirements? Why not do that first? You might ask... I will get to that... there's a catch.


Repeat the above steps at least 10 times

Then - Go back to the first customer. Get them on a call again. Tell them you have fulfilled their requirements. BUT there's a huge BUTT here.

Not only did you complete their requirements. You also did the same for 9 other customers.

What's the catch?

Because they are all similar customers - which would be the case if you're operating in a nice little niche.

Any features that customer 1 appreciates - Will be useful for the rest of the candidates as well.

So essentially you're giving them each - More than what they asked for - Individually.

In simple words. What you just did is called "Over deliver"

Which is the best thing you can do for your existing customers! They appreciate nothing else more.

And now you know EXACTLY how to do that. Step by step.

Go ahead. Try it out. I swear it works 100% of the time.

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