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Top 7 Persuasion Techniques In Advertising - Full Breakdown

Mar 14, 2022

By Shubham Kushwah

Reading time — 4 minutes

Top 7 Persuasion Techniques In Advertising - Full Breakdown at veonr blog by shubham kushwah

Quick Story: Back in 1997. Marshall Applewhite (an American cult leader) convinced 39 people to kill themselves.

In order to become immortal.

That's right. Imagine the level of his persuasion skills.

Do you have anything close to it? If you did - you wouldn't have such a hard time convincing those clients.

Let us break down - The top 7 Persuasion Techniques for Beginners.

1. They are one of a kind

Or at least we want them to think so. We want them to feel ecstatic. Feel good about themselves.

Remember that time - when you kicked the ball so hard - you ended up winning that game.

That must have been a surreal feeling. I'm sure.

Well, consider your prospect in the same boat. Now they want to be the protagonist. Now they want to be the one getting all the praise.

All you need to do is - fulfill this desire in their mind.

Your prospects are also human. They are struggling with common things every day.

  • Late to the flight
  • An important meeting got canceled
  • Sudden decline in their business

There are many factors so to speak. But when they are going through this almost traumatizing journey...

You can be their savior. And NO you will not:

  • ❌ Help them get early to board the flights
  • ❌ Reschedule their meeting
  • ❌ Give them profits instantly

BUT. What you will do is - you will make them feel good about themselves.

You will say "Hey Tyrone, your analytical skills are really impressive"

That will make him feel special.

Now the thing here is that - he doesn't even have to be exceptionally good at that skill. But if it's convincing enough - he'll believe it.

Make them feel special. And they'll do anything you want.

Putting this in Practice

Now that you've got that crystal clear. Here's how you write your email.

Sample Email Only - Not ready for use

Hey Tyrone,

I saw that you were looking for social media Ad templates - in the slack channel.

It's actually really hard to find templates that work in 2022. There are a plethora of samples to pick from and it's really confusing.

Only if there was an aggregator that could merge the best ones and give a quick overview.

My friend runs where he handpicks the best of the best Ad templates from around the world.

And see this one even converted 20%. You can easily expect 10-15% more conversions within a week.

[image here - proof]

You have to tell him precise details though. Through your help, he can craft the best - personalized template for your brand.


2. One Word - Hope

Cult leaders - like Applewhite - are able to convince anyone? Not quite true.

They find people who are struggling with their lives. Those who are vulnerable.

They find people like these - and then... Boom.

Give them Hope. How?

  • Figure out what is bothering them. What is it that they're thinking of when going to sleep.
  • Let them know that you are aware of this problem. And understand that it can feel relentless.
  • Gain their trust. Show them your backstory. When that same problem happened to you.

Now. There it is. The perfect time. To bring out the solution.

Presenting... THE SOLUTION

Show them how this will let them cross the bridge. The bridge from that sad side of the river to this happy side.

3. The Common Enemy


Here we covered the top 7 persuasion techniques for beginners. Even if you are not a beginner - I'm sure you would have taken something of value from here.

If you did. Consider sharing this article with your friends. And make sure to stay notified of the new content that comes in - by subscribing to our blog.

You Rock!


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