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The Only Way To The Top - For Creators

Mar 4, 2022

By Shubham Kushwah

Reading time — 4 minutes

The Only Way To The Top - For Creators at veonr blog by shubham kushwah

These are some of the thought processes of great minds:

Kapil Gupta & Naval Ravikant - transcribed into simple words.


In terms of success. Prescriptions are kind of like strict written notes to the destination. Can also be referrer to as Hacks. Techniques. Methods. How Tos.

When are prescriptions useful

When it comes to performing specific actions. That are rather mechanical in nature. Prescriptions are a great way to guide someone towards that goal.

For example:

A prescription on how to ride a bicycle can be taught easily. Using a bunch of How Tos, and certain techniques.

Like turn the steering to right if your center of mass is shifting to right. Aka if you are tilting towards your right. That way it will give back your balance and control.

When are prescriptions NOT useful

Prescriptions tend to not work when it comes to creative work though. Any form of creative work - including:

  • Writing
  • Business
  • Sports
  • Freedom
  • Enlightenment

These things cannot be made a prescription for. And if you try to make a prescription for these things - then this phenomenon happens where...

The prescription becomes a God. Almost like rules set in stone.

When this happens - your brain switches focus from the Goal to the Method.

Now when you focus too much on the process or the approach. The game goes out of the hand completely. It's a lost game already.

Consider this:

  • You cannot possible become Elon musk by following Elon musk.
  • You simply cannot copy Magnus Carlsen and become the best chess player in the world.

If you want to become exceptionally good at something. You have to find your own route. Build your own techniques. Fail yourself. Learn yourself.

How Tos, and techniques are great for starters to step into the game. But if the destination is to be exceptional. Prescriptions don't work.

But you might ask. Ok prescriptions don't work. Well then how do you get to the destination?

What is the answer?

If you take any person who is considered the best at their craft. Doesn't matter what they do. If they were to go back in time. And follow their future self. They themselves will fail.

Because success cannot be traced. It's a game. And you have to play it without a direct guide.

Even if you live in complete confusion. But you don't stop moving around. You will eventually find your way out of the grand forest. You will. Always.

And once you are out. You cannot give a answer to the question - "How did you get out of that forest?".

Because there is no answer. You don't know the answer.

This is same as asking Elon musk - a question like:

How did you become so successful?

He will say something. Only because he has to say something. But the answer he gives will not actually be an answer. It's only the highlights of the journey that he can share.

And that kid that is listening to his interview at home. Writes down all the highlights and tries to follow that path as precisely as possible. He will fail. Because Elon never shared the real deal. He couldn't. There isn't one deal.

The highlights are only good for motivation. Only for telling the tale afterwards and getting inspired. But it's not a Prescription.


So what did you get out of this? Hopefully you got the answer. And you are screaming the answer out right now. It is "ACTION".

Become completely independent. And take action.

That is the truth. That is the answer. And that is what I would recommend you take right after reading this article.

But wait... your first action should be to benefit others.

It's simple - you can do this by sharing this article with your friends. Those who will truly appreciate this read.

Go ahead. Good luck!

~ Shubham Kushwah


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