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How To Make A Vision Board For Manifestation?

Mar 18, 2022

By Shubham Kushwah

Reading time — 5 minutes

How To Make A Vision Board For Manifestation? at veonr blog by shubham kushwah

You have some dreams. You want to achieve them. You want to make those a reality.

  • If you want more Wealth.
  • If you want more Health.
  • If you want a Big House.
  • If you want an amazing Car.

The principles remain the same. Your survival instinct remains the same.

But you have to apply some of those principles to these things that you want.


So now that you have this big idea in your head. How do you go about and actually achieve it?

Either you can go to your whiteboard. And start drawing lines and paths to the destination. This way you’re creating a vision board of the destination and a rough idea of the things you need to accomplish before that.

OR. Should you just have this big idea in your head? And a “Go Get It” mentality - with no real planning?

Answer - Well the truth is - you can’t pick one.

So basically go ahead and create a graphical representation of what you desire. What you want to achieve.

One of the most popular ways to go about it is to have a vision board.

vision board veonr blog you can do anything

But instead of having just plain text snips. You can have cut out images of things you would love to have one day.

Vision Board Content

Do you want a Porche? Go to Google. And find a good picture of the car that resonates with your dream the most. Print it out. And paste it onto the vision board. Like a stickie.

Do you want to be the owner of a big hotel? Go on Google - find a massive hotel and some good shots. Print and stick onto your board.

Why Do You Need Vision Boards?

The idea here is that - you don’t want to visualize in your head.

Of course, you think of a Porsche anytime you want.

Of course, you can imagine what a big mansion looks like.

Of course, you can imagine what a massive hotel chain would look like.

But. Rather. What you need to do is - communicate with your subconscious mind that this. Right here. In front of my eyes. Is my next desire.

So if you can see an image of the actual thing. And you see it every day multiple times a day. You’re essentially telling your mind that this is what I would like to bring into my life.

That’s why Vision Boards are really good. And very popular amongst people.

Where To Keep The Vision Board?

  • It can be on your laptop
  • It can be on your phone
  • It can be on your refrigerator
  • It can be on your wall
  • It can be on your car’s dashboard
  • It can be by your dressing table mirror
  • It can be on the side of your computer’s CPU. Yeah. I know.

The only thing you want to make sure of is the positioning. You want to see the board. And you should be able to see it a lot.

And that will act as a constant reminder that tells you:

  • There’s that Porche
  • There’s that dream car
  • There’s that hotel
  • There’s that mansion
  • There’s that island
  • There’s that boat
  • There’s that …

Now of course you can stuff your board with 100s of things that you want.

But you don’t want to overdo it. Simply because when you have too many things to track - the signal to your mind becomes weak.

Whereas if you only have… say “A Porsche 911” then your mind is extremely clear about it. Right away. It’s instant. And it’s powerful.

Achieving Goals

When it comes to achieving those goals. And reaching that destination where you’re able to accommodate those things into your life…

You should ideally focus on only one thing at a time. And that’s when your greatest achievements will happen. A vision board is great for mapping your ideas and dreams.

But narrowing it down a bit to make sure you don’t get too distracted is also a really good and underrated idea.

Negative Thoughts

You have to become aware of your current thinking. Most people fail to realize this - but they are having conversations with themselves throughout the day and saying negative things… about themselves.

And you might be surprised by some researches conducted at various places…

You say more than 70,000 negative things to yourself each day.

This includes every time you say anything that sounds similar to these…

  • The economy is wrong
  • The president is scammy
  • I don’t have enough funds
  • I’m not skilled enough
  • I’m not good enough
  • It’s not going to work out
  • It’s not a good time
  • I don’t have enough education
  • This stuff works for other people
  • It works for Elon Musk. But not for me
  • I don’t have enough experience

All these are negative thoughts are keeping you down. At all times.

These are the reasons why you stopped chasing your dreams. This is why you are just reacting to what’s going on by default.

This is why you’re not making a change. This is why you never have enough energy. No enthusiasm.

You’re not your thoughts

You are a separate individual from your thoughts. And 99% of people struggle to believe this. You have to start writing down what you “want” to think.

You want to capture your positive thoughts. Because those are rare.

Most of your thoughts are negative. So as soon as something remotely positive comes your way - you want to put it down on paper. Journal it. Have it framed. Whatever.


You are a by-product of what you think you are. You become what you think you are becoming…

That’s it. It really is as simple. You want to make sure to have positive affirmations at all times if possible. And put them all onto your Vision Board.

Make a beautiful looking area that whenever you look at - you get reminded of your incredible dreams. And how great it would be to finally achieve them.

Go create your vision board now. You have the perfect blueprint. No excuses.

Have fun. And…

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