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Dopamine Fasting - Do It The Right Way

Mar 2, 2022

By Shubham Kushwah

Reading time — 5 minutes

Dopamine Fasting - Do It The Right Way at veonr blog by shubham kushwah

Do you spend minless hours on the internet? Do you even enjoy doing that or is it just a boring habit at this point?

Even if you don't exactly waste hours on internet. This scenario might seem familiar to you in another context.

Your brain knows exactly what is right for you. And what is wrong! What will give you results. And things that have almost zero up side.

If you are going through a similar situation - dopamine fasting might just be the best thing for you.

And in case you are unsure whether you should even do a Dopamine fast or not - consider checking out this guide: Dopamine Detox - Should you do it?

Do you need a Dopamine Fast?

Let us first understand whether you even need a dopamine fast.

Answer these questions as honestly as possible. Make sure to take this test alone. If you're reading this with a friend. Tell them to grab a pen & paper as well and read this article alone. Right now.

YES or NO only.

  • Do you find yourself surfing the internet mindlessly?
  • Do you feel like you're watching entertaining stuff - but not getting enough?
  • Do you lay in the bed at night - thinking how you could've done more today?
  • Do you often think how much time you have wasted - and yet you continue to do so?
  • Are there certain "fun" things you used to do - that aren't fun anymore?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you definitely need a dopamine fast.

But do not blindly follow this guide. If you feel like your condition is a bit more severe than the regular person. You should consider talking to your physician.

Now. To continue...

What should be the length of your Dopamine Fast?

Let us also understand how long it might take to get back on track.

The truth is. You're not changing long term bad habits in a day. It will take time. And you have to be patient.

But trust me. This is life changing. You do not want to pass this for later.

You need to have a Dopamine fast for at least 15 days - That's the bare minimum.

A lot of people also consider a 30 day Dopamine fast. It's highly recommended and insanely popular amongst people who are looking to get back on track.

Also you cannot go back to your old habits before 90 days. According to researches done on humain brains. 90 days is like a stress test - to confirm a habit & transform your neural activities.

This might sound too much to you. And if you're only starting out. I don't recommend you take on this challenge. Stick with the bare minimum - notice the results. And if you feel like you're losing it again. Repeat it for twice the duration.

How to do Dopamine Fasting?

1. Throw Cheap Dopamine away

What is cheap dopamine? - you might ask.

Cheap Dopamine is a very low quality stimulant. That is released when you are doing an addictive activity without even enjoying it.

Here are some of the sources of cheap dopamine:

  • Scrolling on Social Media
  • Watching TV
  • Watching Movies
  • Watching Youtube videos
  • Playing Video Games
  • Switching from one entertainment to another

Stop doing all these activities completely. NOT reduce. NOT controlled. STOP THEM. For the duration of your Dopamine Fast only.

Here are some ways to stop doing these activities:

  • Delete distracting apps
  • Block off social media & similar websites
  • Stay off-screen as much as possible.

2. Do Physical Work

Instead of sitting at your desk - thinking of things you could be doing. Get up and do one of these things instead:

  • Go for a walk around the block
  • Go for a morning and evening run
  • Mild Exercise & Workout twice a day
  • Cook delicious meals
  • Journal your thoughts & feelings
  • Plan your future & goals
  • Share this article with your friends.

Alright. Enough. But on a serious note: Try to find some physical activity.


Doing a well formulated Dopamine Fasting - is one of the best ways to get on the right track. And stop wasting time in meaningless activities. Live a healthy and happy life that you thoroughly enjoy.

It will not be easy. And it isn't supposed to be.

Most importantly. IT WILL BE BORING. Just remember that. Embrace the boredom. You will feel like this is a waste of time. Sitting Idle - doing nothing.

But that's the part of it. That's what's healing feels like. It's painful. But worth it. 100%.


Most of us are hooked to our screens in our daily lives. And we tend to forget how much time we are continuously wasting on these activities.

That is normal. And perfectly human. Do not condemn yourself as if you are the only one wasting this much time. You are not alone.

But to truly master your emotional self. You have to take back control. And doing a Dopamine Fasting is one of the best ways for that. You will not regret doing this.

Thanks for reading. Hope you find true happiness in your life. And live to the fullest.


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